Trevan Hiersche


Hello Everyone! My name is Trevan (Obvious?) and I live in Billings, Montana with my wife and two kids and I love to take pictures! 

I grew up in Idaho and spent a lot of time hiking and exploring so my love for the wild has been around for a long time. I moved to Montana after a few years at school in Los Angeles and I’m grateful to be in such a great place to have the opportunity to get out and shoot! I love being outdoors and being able to escape into the world. As much as I can I try and get out and explore Montana but I also want to explore as much as the world as possible! I strive to explore and discover all that I can, capturing views with a lens to be taken home and passed on to those who are not as fortunate as I am to personally witness such grandeur. All photos on the site are for sale, and if there is a size that you would like but don’t see, just send me a message.

Landscape is what I choose to showcase here on the website, but I also do portraits and weddings. All it takes is an email and we will connect!